Preparation for university

Polish language courses for foreigners are part of preparatory and educational courses for admission to the Polish university, and transmission activities on the Polish language. By choosing a course you need to remember that you need to at the moment. This could be: training of the Polish spelling of words, a course in spoken form, […]

Training for students of Polish universities

Many students in Poland to improve the quality of their training are additional courses of the Polish language in which the main slope is a Polish grammar, proofreading, correct formulation and analysis of sentences in Polish. These courses help them with: – Exams – Writing an essay – Drafting the essay, presentation or public speaking […]

Student additional course for foreigners

Many students who come can take advantage of various additional courses for exchange in Poland, offered the host university. These courses can relate to students studying direction and culture of the host country or language. Polish language courses for foreigners who arrived to help students better integrate into the team, and to get acquainted with […]